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About us

Arvin Pazhoohan Noor company in the form of an active holding in the field of health in 2015 with effort of Dr. Hasan Morovati Khamsi.a member of the scientific committee of Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, along with family partners, as the founders of the company, started its activity by providing kits and laboratory equipment for medical diagnosis, machines and raw materials needed for drug and vaccine production.

in 2015, this holding founded knowledge based Arvin BioHealth company with the aim of research, development and production of rapid laboratory diagnosis kits and vaccines, benefiting from the capabilities of academic staff members of universities and research centers, elite specialists and experienced and committed experts.

the mission of this holding is to supply and produce kits and equipment needed by laboratories and hospital centers in the country, supply machinery and raw materials for vaccine and drug production lines from reliable international partners along with the transfer of manufacturing technology for pharmaceutical, vaccine and biological products as well as design Engineering and implementation of relevant projects.

Arvin Pazhoohan Noor Holding Subsets:

•Knowledge-based Arvin BioHealth company (production unit)

Arvin Lab (laboratory equipment unit)

Arvin Pharma (Pharmaceutical Equipment Unit)

Arvin BioHealth

In order to respond to the needs of the country in the field of laboratory diagnosis, vaccine research in 2015 with the efforts of Dr. Hasan Morovati Khamsi Khamsi (a member of the academic staff of the Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute) as the company’s CEO and a group of academic staff members. knowledge-based Arvin BioHealth company was established under Arvin Pazhoohan Noor Holding. Arvin Bio Health Company is trying to develop laboratory diagnostic products, especially point-of-care diagnostic kits (POCT), biochemistry, ELISA, and immunochromatography (LFA), as well as raw materials needed to produce vaccines and products. Develop biotechnology and industrial production. This company produces and supplies its products in two parts: human and animal diagnostic kits .

Arvin Lab

Arvin Lab, a subsidiary of Arvin Pozhoohan Noor Holding, is one of the leading suppliers of medical diagnostic laboratory kits and equipment (IVD).from reliable global companies such as Sysmex, Siemens, Hyphen BioMed, Emosis in the field of coagulation and Mikrogen in the field of infectious disease diagnosis and iSED Alcor in the field of hematology and Oneworld accuracy (a partner center of the World Health Organization) to provide an external quality control program as well as other Kits and equipment are required for clinical and hospital laboratories.


Some of our clients:

Blood transfusion Center
Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute
Shariati Hospital, Imam Khomeini Hospital
Tehran Shim Pharmaceutical Company
Zahrawi Pharmaceutical Company
Zanjan University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
Academic Jihad of Khorasan Razavi Province
Jahrom University of Medical Sciences and Health Services
Hemophilia Center of Iran
Nilo Specialized Laboratory
Ariogen Pharmed pharmaceutical company
Aramesh specialized laboratory
Farvardin specialized laboratory
Meduk Daru Pharmaceutical Company


Arvin Pharma

Arvin Pharma in addition to providing machinery and equipment for the production lines of drugs and biological products and vaccines in accordance with Eu-cGMP, US-FDA, WHO standards, Arvin Pazhoohan Noor sub-companies with the benefit of its committed engineers in the field of consulting, design, installation and It operates clean room and related services.

Products and services of Arvin Pharma pharmaceutical unit:

Design and implementation of turnkey projects for various production and research lines in the field of drugs and vaccines in cooperation with Rotech Engineering Group and its subsidiaries including: Shinva, Naili, CPEG, Findnovo, Gaoji with the benefit of scientific partners of Bioreactor Engineering Laboratory of East China University of Science and Technology
Design, construction and certification of clean rooms in compliance with the latest standards and requirements
Design, supply and installation of water systems, clean air and devices for creating and monitoring environmental conditions, washing sterilization equipment and all types of process tanks
Supplying and equipping machines for washing, depyrogenation, filling, freeze dryer, capping, labeling, blistering, product inspection and packaging related to injectable products
Supplying and setting up production lines for solids such as granules, capsule filling machine, tablet press, tablet coating, blister and cartoning.


Some of our clients:

  • Saman Daroo Eighth Company
  • Production and research complex of Pasteur Institute of Iran
  • Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute
  • Pazhoohan Pardis Nano Drug Company
  • Pharmaceutical factories company
  • Biosan Farmed Company
  • Sobhan Recombinant Protein Company
  • Imen vaccine company
  • Kian Mam Infertility and Innovation Center
  • Vira Vaccine Shaya Company
  • Tehran Shim Pharmaceutical Company
  •  Knowledge-based Arvin BioHealth company 
  • Behnoud Pharmed Growth Center
  • Vitan Farmed Company