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Arvin Pazhoohan Noor

The activities of Arvin Pazhoohan Noor pharmaceutical and laboratory holding are currently concentrated in the following three groups

Arvin BioHealth

Knowledge based Arvin BioHealth Company, manufacturer of all kinds of rapid laboratory diagnosis kits (human and animal)

Arvin Lab

The exclusive sales representative of Sysmax coagulation devices of Japan, Alcor of America and Hyphen coagulation kits of France in Iran

Arvin Pharma

Setting up kit, vaccine and drug production lines in the country along with the exclusive agency of the most prestigious and largest companies in the world

About us

Arvin Pazhoohan Noor company in the form of an active holding in the field of health in 2015 with effort of Dr. Hasan Morovati Khamsi.a member of the scientific committee of Razi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute, along with family partners, as the founders of the company, started its activity by providing kits and laboratory equipment for medical diagnosis, machines and raw materials needed for drug and vaccine production.

in 2015, this holding founded knowledge based Arvin BioHealth company with the aim of research, development and production of rapid laboratory diagnosis kits and vaccines, benefiting from the capabilities of academic staff members of universities and research centers, elite specialists and experienced and committed experts.

the mission of this holding is to supply and produce kits and equipment needed by laboratories and hospital centers in the country, supply machinery and raw materials for vaccine and drug production lines from reliable international partners along with the transfer of manufacturing technology for pharmaceutical, vaccine and biological products as well as design Engineering and implementation of relevant projects.

Arvin Pazhoohan Noor Holding Subsets:

• Knowledge-based Arvin BioHealth company (production unit)

• Arvin Lab (laboratory equipment unit)

• Arvin Pharma (Pharmaceutical Equipment Unit)

Introduction of the knowledge-based company in the Khabar Network's noavaran program

In this report, the activities and services of knowledge-based Arvin BioHealth company , one of the subgroups of Arvin Pazhoohan Noor Holding, are depicted in the words of the company’s managers and experts

Mr. Dr .Hasan Morovati Khamsi, as the founder and managing director of knowledge based Arvin BioHealth Company, in this program, while briefly introducing the company’s activities and products of rapid diagnosis kits during the difficult times of the Corona epidemic, which played a significant role in the rapid diagnosis of diseases in the country. They expressed hope that with more and better support of knowledge-based companies and manufacturers in the country’s health sector by the government and the government, Arvin BioHealth will be able to offer a more diverse and better portfolio of products in the domestic and Middle Eastern markets, while preventing foreign exchange from the country to increase health in the country.

Mr. Dr. Shojaei, the production manager, Dr. Ahmadi, the technical manager, Mr. Soharri, Mrs. Zare, Mrs. Tosli and Mrs. Sadeqpour, as experts in quality assurance and research and development of the production department of Arvin BioHealth, also explained in this report about the types of products of the company in Now and in the future, they presented the role and activities of different units in the growth and advancement of the company’s goals, as well as receiving international ISOs.

The innovators program introduces active knowledge-based companies in the field of health.